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Greek Chicken Fries Recipe

March 8, 2018 April Preisler
40 minutes
Serves: 4-6
Greek Chicken Fries ready to be devoured!

It’s March which can only mean one thing, basketball fever. While it is an intense time of the year where fans anxiously await knowing if their team is going to advance in the big tournament, it also is a time to bring friends together for food and fun. Greek Chicken Fries are an easy and delicious snack that can be served up on game day to keep fans energized and cheering for their favorite teams.

I’ll be honest, I used to be a much bigger college basketball fan than I am today. I went to a college that did not have football so we turned to our basketball team to supply the entertainment that we needed to maximize our school spirit. I spent many weekends standing outside in the cold waiting to gain admission into our stadium to score the best seat in the house for weekend games and found myself decked out in head to toe with our school colors. Those were the good ol’ days! These days I find myself without knowledge of who is even on the team or how they are doing but I certainly get excited in March to fill out my bracket. It really is done blindly as I don’t know anything about any of the teams, but honestly, I usually do pretty well based on pure guessing!

My interest in college basketball has turned from the team playing to the type of snacks that I can prepare for my friends. I like things that are easy to prepare but unique, fun and delicious! I know a lot of people are big fans of nachos so I decided to swap the chips out for waffle fries and load them up with non-traditional nacho ingredients. My Greek Chicken Fries are seasoned perfectly with Mediterranean flavors and then topped off with grilled chicken, feta cheese and a drizzle of Litehouse® Purely Balanced Tzatziki Ranch Dressing. I promise that your guests will be asking for this recipe!

Score a game day win with your friends by serving up this delicious snack.

Greek Chicken Fries Recipe

March 8, 2018 April Preisler
40 minutes
Serves: 4-6

Whether you’re looking for an appetizer or after-school snack, these Greek Chicken Fries come together with minimal effort and are sure to please a crowd.

Heaping plate of Greek Chicken Fries


Lay out waffle fries on a baking sheet. Evenly season with oregano, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and black pepper. Bake according to package instructions.Place the cooked fries onto a serving platter and top with chicken, onion, tomato and feta cheese. Sprinkle the fries with fresh parsley and drizzle with the dressing immediately before serving.

Litehouse products used

Tzatziki Ranch

Yogurt Dressing & Dip

Freeze Dried Oregano


Simply Artisan Crumbles

Feta Cheese
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