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40 calories

Per Serving

Full flavored dressings without all the extra calories. Now available in 4 flavors.

ChickenGyro Bowl

Greek-inspired chicken bowl with a drizzle of creamy, Tzatziki Ranch Dressing!

Chicken Gyro Bowls Recipe with Litehouse Tzatziki Ranch Low-Calorie Dressing and Dip
Summertimeis Salad time


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Our creamy dressings transform every appetizer and party platter with their fresh tastes and bold, delicious flavors.

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I literally could live on this dressing with just plain greens EVERYDAY!! I used to make my own ranch but not anymore. So delicious. I've told everyone I know who loves ranch. Thanks for your product!
View Homestyle Ranch
View Homestyle Ranch
I tried your Caesar dressing for the 1st time. I don’t normally buy but my store had it on sale so I figured “why not” OMG it is the best salad dressing there is.
View Caeser
View Caeser
I'll be honest I just throw these in about everything I make. If in doubt... toss in some chives, sprinkle some on potatoes, chicken always loves it, heck maybe on ice cream... you never know. Definitely a pantry staple.
View Chives
View Chives
Wanted to send a note on the excellence of your blue cheese and how much it was enjoyed. I have a dear friend who visits from Australia every five years and our special treat for tea is having blue cheese on dark bread, fresh basil and slice of tomato.
VIEW Blue Cheese NOW
VIEW Blue Cheese NOW

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Looking for options to fit your diet or for a new take on Ranch? You’ve got choices!


With a variety of gluten-free options, Litehouse products are made to fit your lifestyle! Explore our gluten-free options today.

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Who doesn’t love ranch?! Explore our various ranch options and find your family’s new favorite dressing!

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Made with creamy yogurt, this dressing line is flavorful and perfect for those looking to eat delicious, guilt-free meals!

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