Guacamole Herb Blend


  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Vegetarian
Guacamole Herb Blend

Litehouse Instantly Fresh Guacamole Blend is a convenient and delicious way to make fresh guacamole. Just add 1/4 jar to 2 avocados, a squeeze of lime and a dash of salt for fresh and easy Guacamole. For a new flavor experience, try on eggs, burrito bowls or chicken! One jar makes four batches of fresh guacamole.

When cooking with our herbs, we recommend substituting one tablespoon of freeze-dried herb for one tablespoon fresh.

All measurements are approximate.

Red Onions*, Cilantro*, Lemon Peel, Tomato, Red Chili, Garlic*, Cumin *Freeze Dried

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Patty McClain Evans

I have tried a lot of seasonings to help my Guacamole taste like the restaurant but
nothing came close until I tried Litehouse Herb Blend. Can’t find it again in store.
Am desperate, buying on line !

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Tina Warr

I can’t figure out how to open a jar of sage. {lease instruct. As soon as I can open this jar and put it in my Thanksgiving dressing, I will be able to rate your product.


    These containers have a pull tab on the opposite side of the thumb tab. Pull gently on the end and rotate the jar while pulling and it will remove the safety seal, thus freeing the lid from the neckband and allowing it to open freely.

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