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Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe

January 23, 2016 Litehouse
1 hour
Serves: 10
Enjoying some Ranch with Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings

My favorite game day food of all time is by far the chicken wing. I could eat several servings all by myself in one sitting without batting an eye, or being embarrassed. I just love them and can’t stop myself until I’m over stuffed. Spicy wings, sweet wings, tangy wings, herby wings… Doesn’t matter, I love them all! As long as they have a perfect sauce, they have to be saucy. Nothing turns me off more than a dry wing. I’ll still eat them mind you, but I won’t be very happy about it!

In my opinion wings are meant to be messy. If your wing requires fewer than 5 napkins you are doing it wrong. If your face does not have sauce stuck to it in a childish and embarrassing manner, you’re doing it wrong. If your mouth isn’t filled with flavor that could blast a rocket to the moon, you’re doing it wrong. Now allow me to show you how I do wings. You know, the right way. Pay attention folks, this is serious business.

We start with a perfectly crispy wing. No batter or coatings please, they get soggy faster than perfectly crisped chicken skin. Good thing it is so easy to bake up crispy chicken wings! I use high temperatures, a baking sheet, and a cooling rack. The cooling rack keeps the chicken off of the baking sheet allowing the excess fat to drip right off those wings. Once that extra fat escapes, the skin crisps up like it’s no bodies business! Even after the wings cool down they will still maintain some crisp, I know because I’ve happily eaten them straight up cold.

Next comes the sauce. It is a requirement that the sauce be thick enough to cling to the wing. No puddles at the bottom of the plate or bowl, that is a true game day foul. There should be very little sauce left in the tossing bowl. My Sweet and Spicy Jerk Sauce is not only fast and easy to throw together, it is sticky and thick! Every bite of chicken will be thoroughly coated in sauce, the way it should be. This sauce is so flavorful you’ll want the good coating. It’s a bit sweet, nice and spicy, and filled with spices from afar. I use my favorite low sodium Jerk Seasoning blend for this sauce to keep things simple. Find one you like and use it with reckless abandon!

The final, and equally important, step to the perfect wing is a good dipping sauce. You absolutely must have a sauce to counter act the hot and spicy wings. My favorite is Litehouse Homestyle Ranch Dressing. It has the cooling factor needed for these wings while adding a great tangy herb filled flavor to every bite. It works perfectly with the sweet and spicy flavors of my Jerk Sauce and I won’t eat these wings without it!

There you have it, the perfect Sticky Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe. Now go forth and cheer on your team with your sticky fingers and messy face! You and I will both know you’re doing it the right way.

Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe

January 23, 2016 Litehouse
1 hour
Serves: 10

Looking for the perfect wing recipe? Look no further! Chicken wings are baked until perfectly crispy then tossed in a simple sweet and spicy Jerk sauce. This sauce is so sticky it will cling to every nook and cranny of your wings making every bite better than the last. Dip them in Litehouse Homestyle Ranch Dressing for the perfect wing cool down!

Hot batch of Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings
  • 5 lbsWhole Chicken Wings (about 20 wings)
  • 1 eaolive oil
  • 1 eaSalt and Pepper
  • ¼ cupOil
  • 3 tbspWhite Vinegar
  • 6 tbspHoney
  • 3-4 tbsp Jerk Seasoning Blend
  • 2 tbspWater
  • 1 tbspCorn Starch
  • 1 eaLitehouse® Homestyle Ranch Dressing


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Line a large cookie sheet with foil then place a cooling rack right in the cookie sheet.Place the wings in a large bowl, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper tossing to coat.Lay the wings out on the cooling rack skin side down in a single layer. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, flip then bake an additional 30 minutes.Add the cooked pasta to the pan with the alfredo sauce along with the spinach and toss to evenly coat.Meanwhile in a small sauce pot combine the oil, vinegar, honey, and jerk seasoning.Heat over medium low heat until the mixture begins to simmer.In a small bowl stir together the water and corn starch.Slowly whisk the cornstarch mixture into the jerk mixture.Continue to simmer until the sauce become thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.Toss the cooked wings with the sauce in a large bowl.Serve with plenty of ranch dressing for a sweet cooldown from the spicy sauce!

Litehouse products used

Homestyle Ranch

Dressing & Dip
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