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Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowl Recipe

November 2, 2020 Chef Justin Franco
1 hour
Serves: 4
Preparing Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowls

Single serving meals, delivered in a disposable bowl, have become a trend at many fast-casual restaurants. The appeal for these types of meals varies from person to person. Many people like to see their food made right in front of them. Others like the ingredient options and the opportunity to craft the perfect variety of flavors to meet their mood. Yet others appreciate the price as well as grab and go convenience that these types of meals have to offer.

With that in mind, I have taken the concept of a grab and go bowl and crafted a nearly perfect ready-to-eat or ready-to-go single-serving vegetarian rice bowl that is relatively inexpensive. Since we are going to prepare this dish as vegetarian, I have swapped out the traditional protein for tofu. Tofu is a unique product, in that it typically provides a flavor sponge, ready to gather up whatever flavors it comes in contact with.

For this dish, I wanted the tofu to be the texture of the dish instead of the primary flavor delivery mechanism. To make this happen I recommend frying the tofu to a deep golden brown and not immediately combining it with the stir-fried vegetables.

Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowl with Litehouse Sesame Ginger Dressing
Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowl with Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend

The rest of the dish comes together rather quickly. I suggest that you be selective in choosing rice, quinoa, and/or a blend of both, as finding the proper combination is what really makes this meal stand out. I like brown rice with a touch of quinoa best with this dish; however, you really have the option to go in any direction you like.

Once you have finished preparing the dish, you have two options. Eat it immediately while it’s warm or package it for a future meal. This dish will taste great reheated or even served cold. I also want you to know that if you like the look of this dish but do not enjoy tofu, this dish can be prepared with any other protein staple including chicken or beef. If you decide to go with a traditional protein, I recommend marinating it overnight and grilling it instead of frying.

Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowl Recipe

November 2, 2020 Chef Justin Franco
1 hour
Serves: 4

Tender tofu deep fried and tossed in Litehouse® Sesame Ginger dressing with fresh vegetables and served over a brown rice and quinoa blend.

Preparing Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowls
  • 2 cupBrown Rice & Quinoa Blend, Cooked
  • 1 lbsFirm Tofu
  • 2 cupBroccoli Florets
  • 1 cupMushrooms, quartered (button or shitake)
  • ½ cupCarrots, bias cut
  • 1 cupCornstarch
  • 1 ½ cupLitehouse® Sesame Ginger Dressing
  • 6 cupVegetable Oil
  • 2 tbspSesame Oil
  • 1 tbspGarlic, Minced
  • 1 tbspShallot, Minced
  • 2 tbspFurikake Seasoning
  • 1 tbspBlack or White Sesame Seeds
  • 2 tbspGreen Onions, bias cut
  • 1 eaSalt and Pepper, to taste


Cook rice according to package instructions and keep warm.In a deep fryer or large skillet heat vegetable oil to 350° F.Remove tofu from packaging and gently pat dry. Cut tofu into large 1-inch cubes and toss in cornstarch. Coat evenly and shake off excess. Fry tofu until golden brown and set aside on paper towel to drain.In a sauté pan or wok heat sesame oil over high heat. Add garlic and shallot and toss quickly as not to burn. Once fragrant, add mushrooms and cook for one minute, stirring constantly. Once mushrooms are softened, add broccoli and carrots. Stir fry for one minute then add Litehouse® Sesame Ginger dressing. Once hot, add fried tofu and toss until well coated. Season to taste.To serve, place hot rice into serving bowls. Sprinkle furikake on rice. Spoon tofu stir fry onto rice and garnish with sesame seeds and green onions.

Litehouse products used

Sesame Ginger

Dressing & Marinade
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