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Last Minute Asian Spare Ribs Recipe

June 15, 2014 Litehouse
Serves: 8-9
Freshly made Last Minute Asian Spare Ribs

Here it is, June 15th… and you are online looking up Father’s Day recipes? I’m guessing you are a bit stressed out trying to throw together a last minute something. It’s ok! It happens to all of us and it doesn’t help that Father’s Day falls right in the middle of the school/summer vacation transition. It is a hard time for all of us and you are not alone in this situation! This is where I purposely skip over the story of the year when I completely forgot about Father’s Day and get right to the emergency Father’s Day plan.

  1. Last minute is my middle name and I promise you, everything is going to be all right. Here’s a quick fire plan that will get you out of the dog house and leave ole’ Pops feeling loved and appreciated!
  2. Grab a black marker, the kids, and your camera. Claim that Daddy has earned some quiet time to watch a movie. Encourage him to pick some shoot ‘em up movie you’d never allow in front of the kids and remind him to turn the volume up, way up! He’s got the house all to himself after all!
  3. Take the kids away to a grassy area (a sunny park is the perfect location). Depending on how many kiddos you have come up with something you can write across their feet with the black marker, a nice little message to Daddy. Sit, them down, line up their feet, and take a picture!
  4. Run to your local Super Center, while they print off your picture (or use the self printing machines if your photo shop is closed on Sundays) go grab a nice frame and gift bag. Father’s Day gift… Done!
  5. Next go pick up a rack of pork spare ribs and some quick and easy sides ( I’m thinking corn on the cob, pasta salad from the deli, and a 6-pack).
  6. Head home and whip up my amazing recipe for Asian Style Spare Ribs and picnic outside for dinner! He’ll never believe you weren’t planning ahead the whole time.

These Asian Spare Ribs are perfect for Father’s Day. If you are really running short on time skip the marinating process all together and simply baste the ribs with the marinade every 15 minutes during cooking. Litehouse’s Freeze Dried Herbs allow you to skip the prepping of ingredients completely and quickly throw together the marinade so the ribs can get to cooking. Tender sweet and tangy ribs can be ready for eating in as little as 1 ½ hours! Within 15 minutes of cooking Dad will be smelling the air, asking what exactly you have planned for dinner. His mouth will be watering and he’ll be thanking his lucky stars he gets to celebrate Father’s Day with someone like you. Every mother has important dates escape her mind (need I tell you about the year I completely forgot about our wedding anniversary?) but this is one time when Dad never needs to know. It can be our little secret!

Last Minute Asian Spare Ribs Recipe

June 15, 2014 Litehouse
Serves: 8-9

These Asian Spare Ribs are perfect for Father’s Day.

Plate of Last Minute Asian Spare Ribs
  • 1 eaPork Spare Ribs, Whole Rack (1 ½ to 2 lbs)
  • ½ tspPepper
  • 2 tspLitehouse® Freeze Dried Garlic
  • 1 tspLemongrass
  • 2 tspOyster Sauce
  • 2 tbspRice Vinegar
  • 3 tbspSweet Chili Sauce
  • 3 tbspSoy Sauce
  • ½ cupOil
  • 1 eaCilantro, Chopped, for serving


Preheat the oven to 325°F.In a bowl mix together all ingredients except the ribs. If time allows you to marinate place the ribs and half of the marinade in a plastic bag and allow to marinate 1-2 hours.Set remaining marinade aside for glazing the ribs.When ready to cook the ribs prepare your pan. Pour just enough water into the bottom of a broiler pan to cover the bottom. Place the broiler rack on top.Remove the ribs from the marinade and sprinkle with salt and pepper.Place ribs on the broiler pan bone side down and cook in the middle of the oven for 1 ½ hours. Baste the ribs with the reserved marinade after the first hour of cooking.Use a sharp knife to slice the ribs in between every bone.Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and serve.

Litehouse products used

Freeze Dried Garlic

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