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Peach & Thyme Iced Tea Recipe

May 7, 2014 April Preisler
Serves: 6
Big icy pitcher of Peach & Thyme Iced Tea

I don’t think it was until after I moved out of my parent’s home that I really began to realize how important my mom was to my life. Yes, she was always there for me as a stay at home mother while I was growing up but I didn’t understand the importance of this time she was devoting to me and my brothers.

Once I moved out on my own, I began to finally see just how important this woman was to my life and the development of my personality.

I’m not a mother so I don’t completely understand the sacrifice that mothers make for their children. I think that’s only a bond and understanding that you get when you actually become a mother. I definitely know that I took advantage of her devotion to me and my brothers while growing up. I like to think about all of the times that she picked me up when I was down and all of the cakes that she made for me to bring to school on my birthday.

My mom also made all of my Halloween costumes while growing up. Only someone that truly cared for her children would do this. I appreciate that in my old(er) age I have realized all of her sacrifices and have begun to pay her back for 18 years of craziness. I really like to spoil my mom now, just as she used to do for me. The time that I get to spend with her is priceless and the fact that I can now make HER feel special makes me think that she also really appreciates the bond that we have.

I don’t necessarily need a special day to show my mom my appreciation but sometimes it’s a good reminder of all of the things that she has done to shape my life. So today I’m raising a toast to moms everywhere with this crisp and refreshing iced tea.

The crisp taste of iced tea blended with peaches and thyme is a good way to put a smile on your mother’s face and make her day a little more special. How are you celebrating the important women in your life this holiday?

Peach & Thyme Iced Tea Recipe

May 7, 2014 April Preisler
Serves: 6

Combining the crisp flavors of thyme and peaches make this iced tea a perfect summer drink.

Serving up Peach & Thyme Iced Tea


Bring 10 cups of water to a boil.While you are waiting for the water to boil, deconstruct two of the tea bags by carefully removing the string from the bag. Place ½ teaspoon of thyme in each bag and then use the string to tie the bag back together.Once the water boils, place the tea bags into the water and allow to steep for 10 minutes.Remove the tea bags and stir in the honey. Place the tea in the refrigerator to cool for one hour. Place the tea in a pitcher with ice and the sliced peaches. Garnish each glass with peaches and fresh thyme, if desired.

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Freeze Dried Thyme

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