Caramel Crunch Apple Nachos

Serves 6 | Finish in 5 minutes

Finish your weeknight dinner with a batch of these Caramel Crunch Apple Nachos – they’re a fun and fast way to enjoy the flavors of fall while keeping fit.


4 large apples (about 2 pounds),
8 oz. Litehouse Food Light Caramel Dip,
1 cup favorite granola (with or without nuts),
¼ cup mini chocolate chips,


1. Cut apples crosswise into ¼” slices. Remove seeds and core from center with paring knife.

2. In microwave safe bowl, heat caramel until warmed and easier to drizzle, about 30 - 45 seconds from room temperature.

3. Layer half of apples on a plate and drizzle with 4 oz. of caramel dip. Sprinkle on ½ cup granola and 2 tablespoons chocolate chips.

4. Layer remaining apple slices on top of caramel-granola-chocolate mixture and then add on remaining toppings.

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