Dark Chocolate Mint Nice Cream

Hurray for Summer and nice cream! Nice cream is a magical "ice cream" made from frozen bananas. I think they might call it nice because it's totally guilt free! I've got some beach vacations coming up so I'm really leaning on this treat right now. Don't worry if one of your family members or guests isn't a fan of bananas. Something about the freezing process totally changes the taste and texture. Magical I tell ya! My son refuses to eat bananas but can't get enough of this frozen treat!

First you'll want to let your bananas get spotted. Slightly over ripe bananas works best. You will need to peel the bananas first. Slice those up and freeze until they're solid. Once you're ready to make the nice cream you'll want to let the banana slices sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. They blend up smoother and creamier once you get the frozen edge off. 

Next, you'll need a high powered food processor or blender to move things along. I find the nice cream works best in a food processor and is much easier to scoop from later.

One ingredient banana is amazing by itself but I had to go with dark chocolate mint nice cream. It's so refreshing and a cinch to make using Freeze Dried Mint, which is already washed, dried and chopped for you. This nice cream comes together really quick. In less than 10 minutes, dessert is served!


Dark Chocolate Mint Nice Cream

Serves 2-3 | Finish in 10 minutes

3 Ingredients, that's it!


  • 4 Spotted, Ripe Bananas, sliced & frozen
  • Grated Dark Chocolate
  • 2 tsp. Litehouse® Freeze Dried Mint


  1. Slice bananas and place them in a freezer bag. 
  2. Freeze until completely frozen.
  3. Place the bananas in a food processor to sit for 5-10 minutes. 
  4. Run on high speed until they are broken up and smooth.  
  5. Scraping the bowl as needed. Add the mint and pulse to combine. 
  6. Grate in a little or a lot of the dark chocolate. 
  7. Scoop right from the processor bowl and top with additional grated dark chocolate.
  8. Serve immediately.

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