2019 College Basketball Recipes

When it comes to game time, you have to have food. So why not create THE tailgate experience at home?! Because it is not just a day or even a weekend, because tourney time is a month-long celebration of college basketball, this tailgating theme is easy to execute any day of the week.

For a fun party atmosphere, create concessions stands around the kitchen and any room that has a television and a game on. This way you don't need to make large meals and can offer your guests a number of different snacking options. If you want take the tailgating experience to the next level and the weather will allow for it, open up the BBQ and grill a number of your guests’ favorites.

Basketball Party Dips
Easy Basketball Nachos
Finger Food Favorites
Grilled Chicken Quesadillas
Easy Blue Cheese Sliders


Our final thoughts on watching the college basketball tournament are that you can throw an amazing party and chances are so can your friends.


Be sure to make the most of the month long party, visit as many people as possible, invite your friends over, cheer your teams on and eat great food!




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