Non-Burger Grilling Recipes

During these warm summer months, we all love firing up the grill and spending time outside with our loved ones. But sometimes, grilling recipes can get repetitive. So we curated six of our favorite non-burger grilling recipes. An assortment of pork, fish, beef, chicken, vegetable, and fruit. Enjoy!

  • Baby-Back Ribs Raspberry
Raspberry Baby Backs Recipe

These raspberry baby back ribs are full of flavor and can be made on a gas grill, charcoal grill or smoker.

Cedar Planked Herb Crusted Salmon Recipe

Cedar planked salmon is a favorite in restaurants, but you can make this delicious recipe at home! We added a tasty herb mixture of dill, garlic and red onion for a burst of flavor.

  • Grilled Herb Salmon
  • Grilled Herb Steak
Grilled Herb Steak Recipe

Kick your grilling up a notch by adding Litehouse® Freeze Dried Herbs!

Sweet Onion & Dijon Grilled Chicken Skewers

These easy chicken skewers are full of sweet onion flavor with a hint of dijon. They are perfect as a main dish or as a delicious appetizer.

  • Chicken Skewers Grilled
  • Grilled Mexican Street Corn
Mexican Street Corn Recipe

A true authentic Mexican street corn with a cilantro twist!

Grilled Tropical Fruit Recipe

Seasonal fruit plus Litehouse® dips can turn any dessert into a rich treat. 

  • Grilled Pineapple and Mango with Dip