• Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Noodles

    No time, no worries! My Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Noodles Recipe is a quick and easy side dish to round out your menu and help get a healthy dinner on the table fast. With an efficient vegetable spiralizer and microwave on hand, there is no stress or struggle -- you can take this healthy pasta alternative from prep to plate in 10 minutes. 

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  • Mediterranean Stuffed Spaghetti Squash with Tzatziki Ranch

    Keeping healthy eating resolutions can be as challenging as finding an empty gym treadmill in January. Whether you are crunched for time, don’t have anything inspiring in the fridge, or just can’t take another bite of bland, boring food, the struggle to eat clean is very real. But, with my recipe for Mediterranean Chickpea-stuffed Spaghetti Squash you can get a fit, fresh and flavorful meal on the table in well under an hour.     

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