• Apple Pie Caramel Bars Recipe

    Count me in for any dessert that tastes like apple pie, with a fraction of the effort. These loaded caramel apple pie bars are so, so good and the perfect for whatever holiday celebration you’re having this year.

    As a registered dietitian, I often get asked on my feelings regarding dessert. Can I have dessert everyday? Should I choose the healthier dessert option if I’ve craving sweets? As someone who loves chocolate and buttercream frosting as much as I do broccoli, I understand the desire to make treats part of a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Tuscan-Style Spareribs with Balsamic Glaze Recipe

    Let me start by saying this recipe might be my favorite way to prepare ribs. There is nothing complicated about them and they always taste amazing. Add in the fact that they can be prepared solely in the oven, no grilling required, which makes this recipe easy to execute even for the most novice of chefs.

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  • Sesame Ginger Tofu Stir Fry Bowl with Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend Recipe

    Single serving meals, delivered in a disposable bowl, have become a trend at many fast-casual restaurants. The appeal for these types of meals varies from person to person. Many people like to see their food made right in front of them. Others like the ingredient options and the opportunity to craft the perfect variety of flavors to meet their mood. Yet others appreciate the price as well as grab and go convenience that these types of meals have to offer.

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