Poison Apple Halloween Punch

Halloween is quickly approaching and, inspired by this spooky-themed holiday, I decided to try a new take on traditional punch. Using the ultimate fall ingredient – apple cider, 7-Up, cranberry juice and some Halloween props, I was able to whip up a fun and delicious beverage that I call… Poison Apple Punch! Throwing in a few sliced Gala apples that bob in the punch really help this live up to its name.

In order to make this fun for the kids, we recycled Litehouse bottles and jars and filled them with colored water and fake worms and rats (found at any dollar store during this time of year). If that’s a little too gross for you, you can use gummy worms! The kids were sure to throw in their fake vampire teeth before drinking the blood red poison apple punch. IMG_1489small The Litehouse recycled jars and bottles make the perfect-sized potion bottles. If you want to get really fancy, you can put dry ice in small bowls of hot water around the table to give a spooky smoky effect. The dry ice was actually a fun experiment for the kids as they marveled at the smoke. IMG_1577small I went all out for this spooky table and punch, but depending on your love of Halloween this isn’t always necessary. I have such fond memories of homemade costumes and carving pumpkins with my family as a child that I want to pass the fun along to my kids. It’s a fun day for the children so I try to play it up by decorating the house and crafting some spooky looking desserts and drinks. IMG_1543small You could also serve these strawberry cheesecake Halloween treats, this deconstructed goblin platter or these spiced pumpkin cupcakes with a little Halloween twist- all found on the Litehouse blog! Are you making any Halloween-themed treats this year? What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween?

Poison Apple Punch

Serves 10 | Finish in 5 minutes

This poison apple punch is the perfect Halloween drink! Yummy apple cider is turned into a spooky drink on a Halloween-themed table.


24 oz. Litehouse Apple Cider

24 oz. cranberry juice

48 oz. diet 7up

2 apples sliced


1. Combine everything in a punch bowl. Remember - decorations are key!

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