• Citrus Roasted Rainbow Trout Recipe

    Simple, whole foods--without prominent packaging or tedious ingredient lists--are the mainstays of a healthy diet. Mail-order meals and dieting plans are honorable options, if that works for you, but remember there is always the opportunity to explore healthy eating with fresh foods and a few flavorful and natural condiments. Litehouse Foods Dressings and Instantly Fresh Herbs compliment my family’s healthy lifestyle and are becoming my go-to seasonings for fresh, natural ingredients.

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  • Now that’s Umami! Grilled Fig, Prosciutto & Blue Cheese Pizzas

    I’ve been eating all my life and, I hate to brag, I’m quite skilled. Until recently, I thought I knew pretty much everything there is to know about the way things taste. Salty, sweet, bitter and sour; each respective segment of my tongue has always expertly identified the taste for which it is responsible.  But, as I became more adventurous with eating and cooking creatively, the more I noticed there was a hard-to-describe taste that made all my taste buds swoon with delight.

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  • Herbed Egg Cups with Sweet Pepper & Mushrooms

    Professional chef candidates are often evaluated based on their ability to execute an egg recipe perfectly. Similarly, a home cook’s ability to master egg dishes only adds to his or her culinary range—not to mention the cook’s brunch-producing prowess. Ingredients in egg-based dishes, such as quiche and frittata, should be unfailingly fresh. Otherwise, the egg dish will fall short of fabulous. The Decisive Test I decided, then, to put Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs to the test in an egg recipe.

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