• Tex-Mex Hot Dogs

    I can’t think of anything more American than a good, grilled hot dog. They remind me of hot summer nights at home on my patio or a summer evening at a baseball game. If you didn’t know, today is National Hot Dog Day and I am celebrating with these delicious Tex-Mex Hot Dogs!

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  • Cherry Wheat Berry Super Salad

    Cherry season is greeted with great cheer in my home, it’s my favorite stone fruits! From June through September, you can find me making all the cherry things – pie, cobbler, cordials, smoothies and more. However, instead of a sticky, sweet dessert, today I’ve cherry-picked a delicious savory salad recipe featuring Bing and Rainer Cherries and wheat berries.

    Bowl of Cut Cherries

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  • Mexican Street Corn Nachos

    There really is nothing that I love more than a good Taco Tuesday celebration! Honestly, I could eat tacos or Mexican food any day of the week because it’s so delicious. Give me a basic ground beef taco and I’m content or spice things up with carnitas and I’ll be your new best friend! Any sometimes I like to live on the edge and make nachos and my new favorite nacho combination is Mexican Street Corn Nachos loaded with cheese and freshly grilled corn.

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