• Bite-Sized BLT Ranch Bread Bowls

    Bite-sized versions of foods are popular for entertaining because they are easy to eat, but they are also very kid-friendly. There is something about a mini version of our favorite foods that make it more appealing, especially for children.

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  • Italian-Style Quinoa Loaf

    In the early eighties when I moved to Washington D.C., my favorite health-food store was a tiny co-op crowded with hefty plastic bins filled with exotic-looking beans and grains that this Alabamian had never before seen or imagined. Quinoa was one of the “grains” in those bins. Thirty years later, the co-op store expanded just a bit, but quinoa’s popularity has grown steadily and this pseudo-grain (actually a seed) now appears in mainstream supermarkets and on many restaurant menus.

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  • Labor Day Pasta Salad Creations

    For many, Labor Day means an extra day off of work. For me, Labor Day signifies the closing of summer. It also presents a great opportunity to fire up the grill before the weather starts to change and enjoy a picnic with my family and friends. My family celebrates three birthdays around Labor Day so we always make it a point to use our day off to celebrate the holiday and birthdays with a picnic. Everyone brings a dish to pass and while we all spoon heaps of food onto our plates we celebrate the lives of three very special people.

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