• Give Salt the Shake-Off with Instantly Fresh Herbs

    Let me be the first and quite possibly the only person to wish you a merry “More Herbs, Less Salt Day.” This admittedly obscure holiday, celebrated by a sprinkling of sodium-shirkers around the country every August 29th, deserves much more fanfare from foodies and families everywhere. Why? Because overdoing it on salt can have negative consequences; too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure which, in turn, can raise the chances of heart disease or a stroke later in life. But, don’t halt all the salt, just most of it.

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  • Make It A Litehouse Lunch

    Lunch can get monotonous and spiritless fast if you allow it. The daily sandwich, with its similar bread choices and fixings, can look and taste like days upon days of sandwiches before it. Soon, lunch becomes a daily gastronomic ritual. Grab a sandwich. Eat. Repeat. But lunch doesn’t have to be humdrum. Unveiling the mid-day meal--even if you know what’s in it because you packed it yourself—should pique your senses and impress you with its elegance.

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