• Herbed Egg Cups with Sweet Pepper & Mushrooms

    Professional chef candidates are often evaluated based on their ability to execute an egg recipe perfectly. Similarly, a home cook’s ability to master egg dishes only adds to his or her culinary range—not to mention the cook’s brunch-producing prowess. Ingredients in egg-based dishes, such as quiche and frittata, should be unfailingly fresh. Otherwise, the egg dish will fall short of fabulous. The Decisive Test I decided, then, to put Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs to the test in an egg recipe.

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  • Happy Memories Collected in a Litehouse Jar

    The happiest memories of my childhood are centered around my regular summertime visits with my paternal grandparents, Grandpa and Granny. These were kind, loving and wise people well-into their older years by the time I was born. Even though they were older, they were spry and active well into their 80’s.

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  • Shrimp Ranch Dip and Tips for Healthy Eating

    Finding healthy eating tips is vital to staying in shape during the summer.  With all of the great barbecues and picnics, it's very easy to pack on a few pounds and lose site of your health and fitness goals. Now that swimsuit and shorts weather finally here in Vermont, I have made myself a vow to pay more attention to healthy eating.Healthy eating doesn't have to mean giving up all of your favorite treats this summer.

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