• Jalapeno Feta Cornbread Recipe

    Cornbread just may be the most beloved quick bread of all time, dating back centuries to maize-eating Native Americans and other indigenous populations of the world. Settlers and early Americans found the ingredients (aft first just corn, water and fat and later eggs, milk, sugar and leaveners) to be reasonably affordable and readily available, making the frugal but filling dish a staple on dinner tables across all classes. It’s even reported that President Thomas Jefferson enjoyed corn batter cakes for breakfast on a regular basis.?

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  • Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings

    With the cooler temperature comes weekends spent more and more indoors watching movies or games on the big screen. In our family there are favourite teams and some even sit on designated couches. Things get serious! One thing everyone can agree on is the need for snacks. Wings have got to be the one snack food you’ll find most at any game day gathering. It’s a popular appetizer in general. Wing Wednesday anyone? Just like any good team rivalry we also find ourselves in the great debate. Blue Cheese or Ranch with the wings?

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