• Skinny Southwestern Chicken Roll Ups

    The season of football, holidays, and family get-togethers is here, which also means those of us living a healthy lifestyle will be tempted with bacon-wrapped everything, gravy boats, and delicious pies. These “skinny” roll ups are not filled with several containers of cream cheese as many recipes call for, but taste just as creamy. Litehouse herbs bring the flavor without all of the added calories. I like to make these chicken roll ups primarily for parties, but they are great for an after school snack.

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  • Go Gluten-Free with Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

    I remember growing up as a kid I had an aunt that developed a disease that had to do with gluten. She suddenly was unable to eat things like bread and pasta and could no longer drink beer. It all seemed very strange to me as I thought about how difficult it must be to find anything to eat! Fast forward 20 years and Celiac Disease is more prominent than ever. I constantly find myself coming across Gluten-Free foods and recipes and friends telling me tales of going gluten-free.

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