• Feta and Herb Salmon

    Hi, I’m April and I’m trying to lose weight as my new year’s resolution. There. It’s out there. Following my wedding in November, of which I worked very hard to get into shape, I decided to ‘reward’ myself for all of the hard work with a few Christmas cookies. And now, here I am in January trying to fix what I messed up. It’s not that it’s wrong to reward yourself with a tasty cookie here and there but it’s all about moderation, and self-control, which I don’t have.


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  • Cranberry Ginger Chili Chicken

    The Holidays may be over but it’s still cold outside and I still need some comfort foods! Who’s with me? I also need to lighten us meals as I may have put on a few joyous pounds. Er, who’s with me? Ever since my Christmas guests headed home I’ve been hitting the chicken breasts and veggies pretty hard and I’m pretty sure my kids are beginning to despise me for it. To be honest I’m getting pretty sick of it myself.

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  • Coconut Curry Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

    Oh sweet New Year’s Resolutions, how we love to hate them. Every resolution starts out with such wonderful intent, a feeling of hope for the new year and a new you. Romantic isn’t it? Only until reality comes stomping its big ugly feet all over our hopes and dreams. I’ve felt the sting of resolutions gone bad over the years. So I ask myself, “why do I keep setting myself up for failure”? This year I’m choosing to focus my resolution on something that I already love doing… Cooking!


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