• Easy Marinated Mozzarella and Tortellini Appetizer

    It’s Holiday Party time! I love this time of year, I mean I LOVE it. It’s no wonder why, ’tis the season for food! Appetizer potluck parties are all the rage these days and they are surely one of my favorites, if you need me I can be found by the food table!

    Every foodie and/or cook brings their best dishes to the table in hopes bringing that Holidazzle to the party, you know you want to hear those “I can’t stop eating you’re appetizer, how do you make it?”. There are a few secrets to not being that person with the untouched blob of… “What is that again?”

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  • Cranberry and Jalapeno Sauce with Whipped Feta Cracker Dip Recipe

    My only experience with cranberries was that can-shaped jello substance that was on our Thanksgiving table each year. Oh, how deprived I was! Making homemade cranberry sauce is one of the easiest things to make and it’s much more delicious when it’s fresh. Did you know you can make perfect cranberry sauce at home every time? All you need for a basic cranberry sauce is cranberries, water, sugar, and a little bit of fruit juice. You can use juice from a lime, lemon or an orange (whichever you have on hand) and even grate fresh zest in the sauce for extra flavor.

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  • DIY Tea Bags with Citrus Ginger Mint Tea

    The weather outside is frightful, wouldn’t a piping hot cup of tea be delightful? Mother Nature is so fickle where I live. Last week, I was taking tea on the patio, admiring the lawn’s almost uncanny greenness and today, I’m huddled in front of the fireplace warming up and reenergizing to tackle the my holiday to-do list. In hand, regardless of weather, is my favorite homemade tea blend – Citrus Ginger Mint Tea! This tea is so delicious with fruity tones of orange and lemon, a little zing of ginger and an herbal boost of mint.

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