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Steak Crostini with Blue Cheese Spread

December 3, 2015 April Preisler
Serves: 24 PIECES
Single serving Steak Crostini with Blue Cheese Spread

I do a host of entertaining over the holiday season. I love the idea of decorating my home, bringing in family and friends and serving them tasty food. One of my favorite parts of holiday hosting is coming up with a variety of appetizers that I think will appeal to my guests.

I encourage my guests to enjoy themselves when they are over at my home but I’m also very cautious to make sure that food and wine doesn’t end up all over my rugs and couches. No, I’m not hosting parties for 5-year-olds, but I also realize that accidents happen. Which is why when I’m planning my party food I always adhere to a few guidelines:

1. Appetizers must be able to be eaten with 1 hand or without a fork
2. Appetizers must be able to be consumed in 1-2 bites
3. Appetizers must not include ‘crumbly’ items that will easy fall off of said bites while being consumed
4. Appetizers must not include sticky items that can easily be transferred from fingers to couches

Okay, this sounds like I’m being really picky and somewhat of a worry-wart but there are so many delicious appetizer recipes out there that fall within all 4 of these guidelines!

So today, I introduce you to my Steak Crostini with Blue Cheese Spread featuring 34º Crisps. These tasty crisps are light and airy and perfect for serving cheeses, dips and spreads. This delicious appetizer also features a spread made of Litehouse Simply Artisan Blue Cheese Center Cut. I love that this appetizer is bite-sized but also offers a robust flavor using steak and blue cheese. Everything sticks to the cracker so you won’t have to worry about any messes on your floor or couch too!

Do you have any food rules that you stick to when hosting guests at your home? Call me crazy but there are a lot of tasty recipes out there that feature little to no-mess appetizers and I think that you should try this one out this holiday season!

Steak Crostini with Blue Cheese Spread

December 3, 2015 April Preisler
Serves: 24 PIECES

Steak Crostini is the perfect holiday appetizer. Bringing together the flavor of blue cheese and steak tenderloin makes a quick and easy crowd pleaser!

Array of Steak Crostini with Blue Cheese Spread


In a food processor combine the cream cheese, dressing, blue cheese, chives, salt and pepper (if needed to taste). Pulse until well blended.Cut the steak tenderloin into 24 equal slices.Spread the blue cheese dip evenly onto 24 crackers. Place 1 piece of steak on top of each cracker and top with additional chives and freshly cracked pepper. Add extra blue cheese if you’d like.

Litehouse products used

Simply Artisan Center Cut

Blue Cheese

Chunky Blue Cheese

Dressing & Dip
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