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Mediterranean White Bean and Tuna Salad Recipe

January 12, 2015 Litehouse
Serves: 4
Crackers topped with Mediterranean White Bean and Tuna Salad

For the whole month of January my focus is on making my lunchtime meals healthier. After making the New Year resolution to eat healthier lunches, then putting forth the effort to make sure I stick with it I realized something. I am at my busiest from late morning to early afternoon. Not once this month have I found myself just sitting around at lunchtime, I’m always buried in some kind of work during this time of day.

So when I found myself without one of my huge pre-made salads in the fridge for lunch one busy afternoon I had to come up with a quick, easy, and healthy meal for myself that would fuel me through the rest of my afternoon work session. In this moment I also realized that my plan to always plan ahead for meals isn’t working out as planned.

With no time to head to the market for fresh veggies, no time to defrost chicken from the freezer, and no time whatsoever to actually cook anything I was forced to come up with a healthy “from the pantry” lunch.

Popping open some tuna and white beans then adding deliciously fresh ingredients proved to be a winning combination. While tuna isn’t always my first choice when meal planning it’s cheap so I always keep a couple of cans in my pantry for an emergency. Never in my life have I liked tuna fish as much as I did while eating this lunch. This is not your average tuna salad people!

My Mediterranean White Bean and Tuna Salad took mere minutes to prepare, filled me right up, and was better than I could have ever imagined. White beans and tuna provide a punch of midday protein and my Litehouse products helped keep it quick and low in calories. Litehouse’s Dilly Dip is the perfect replacement for traditional mayonnaise and it adds great Mediterranean flavors. Some fresh lemon, capers, and parsley were a quick addition while keeping with the Mediterranean flavor theme. Still it needed something, something with a bit of bite. Instead of taking the time to peel and chop just a smidge of red onion for that needed “bite” I simply tossed in a spoon of Litehouse’s Freeze Dried Red Onion and was on my way to eating, after wrestling the bowl away from my husband.

No matter how busy my day might be I am determined to eat healthful lunches and recipes like this White Bean and Tuna Salad are just the tools I need to stay excited about doing so. Pack a scoop of this Mediterranean White Bean and Tuna Salad with a handful of your favorite multigrain crackers and you have a perfectly portable lunch or pre workout snack that will fuel you and keep you on track with your weight loss resolutions or budgeting resolutions. I will certainly be enjoying this one often in the new year!

Mediterranean White Bean and Tuna Salad Recipe

January 12, 2015 Litehouse
Serves: 4

Whether you are in need of a quick and easy lunch or a protein packed snack this White Bean and Tuna Salad will do the trick! Ready in under 10 minutes you can easily throw this dish together and get the afternoon energy you need without all of the calories!

Serving up Mediterranean White Bean and Tuna Salad
  • 2 eaTuna Fish, cans in Water, drained very well
  • 1 eaWhite Beans, can, drained and rinsed well
  • 5 tbspLitehouse® Dilly Dip
  • 1 eaLemon, Zest
  • ½ eaLemon, Juice, from half lemon.
  • 1 eaChopped Parsley, Handful
  • 2 tbspCapers
  • 1 tspLitehouse® Freeze Dried Spring Onion
  • 1 eaSalt and Pepper, to taste
  • 1 eaMultigrain Crackers, for serving


Gently mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl being careful not to break up the beans and tuna too much. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve over lettuce or with multigrain crackers!

Litehouse products used

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