Spinach and Parmesan Turkey Burgers

Serves 6 | Finish in 24 minutes

Turkey is a lower fat alternative for ground beef. These spinach and parmesan turkey burgers served in a pita are delicious and nutritious!


1 lb. lean ground turkey,
2 tsp. Litehouse Instantly Fresh Garlic,
¼ cup Litehouse Instantly Fresh Red Onion,
3 cups fresh spinach,
½ cup Parmesan cheese,
6 whole-wheat pitas,
½ cup Litehouse Spinach and Parmesan Dip,
1 Tbls. extra virgin olive oil,
¼ tsp. salt and ¼ tsp pepper,


1. Mix ground turkey, garlic, red onion and a dash of salt and pepper.

2. Form the turkey mixture into 6 round patties.

3. Coat a sauté pan with olive oil and heat over medium heat.

4. Cook the burgers about 5-7 minutes on each side.

5. Top the turkey burgers with 1-2 Tbls of the Litehouse spinach and Parmesan dip.

6. Place the turkey burgers in the pita with fresh spinach and Parmesan and serve.

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