Chickpea, Cucumber & Kale Tomato Cups with Feta Dill Dressing

Serves 4 | Finish in 0 minutes

The Mediterranean diet focuses on an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables – in fact, residents of the region eat a minimum of nine servings per day! These Chickpea, Cucumber & Kale Tomato Cups with Feta Dill Dressing will get you well on your way to surpassing this goal. A great vegetarian meal, the chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and other nutrients.


1 ½ cups packed kale or baby kale leaves, ½ cup fresh cilantro leaves, ½ red onion cut in chunks, 2 Tbsp fresh lime juice, 1 Tbsp Litehouse Food’s Instantly Fresh Garlic, 1 medium cucumber chopped coarsely, 1 (15-oz) can rinsed and drained chickpeas, 2 large tomatoes (like Beefsteak variety), ½ cup Litehouse Food’s OPA Feta Dill Greek Yogurt Dressing (plus additional for garnish), 2 grape tomatoes cut in half, 2 ounces baby spring lettuce mix,


1. In work bowl of food processor, add kale, cilantro, onion chunks, lime juice and garlic. Pulse for approximately 1 minute or until ingredients are finely chopped like pesto. Set aside. 2. In medium bowl, add chopped cucumber, rinsed chick peas and mixture from food processor. Add ½ cup OPA Feta Dill Greek Yogurt Dressing and mix everything together until thoroughly coated. 3. Cut large tomatoes in half crosswise and scoop out seeds and pulp with spoon (reserve for another purpose, if desired). Fill tomato cups with chickpea mixture and top with a dollop of dressing and grape tomato half. Serve on top of baby spring lettuce mix.

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