Caramel Banana Cereal Bars

Serves 9 | Finish in 10 minutes

Sweeten up the back-to-school routine with this healthier take on classic chewy cereal bars - a 10 minute recipe that earns high marks in lunchboxes, at bake sales and for homework time treats.


¾ cup banana chip,
3 ounces walnuts,
4 cups unsweetened (protein-fortified flake or “Os” cereal),
4 cups unsweetened rice or wheat squares type cereal,
2 tablespoon butter,
8 ounces mini marshmallow,
2/3 cup Low-Fat Caramel Dip from Litehouse Foods,


1. Add banana chips and walnuts to medium bowl and lightly break up into coarse chunks with mallet or back of spoon.
2. Add cereals to bowl with banana walnut mixture; toss to combine. Set aside.
3. In large microwave-safe bowl, add marshmallows, caramel dip and butter. Microwave on 50% power for one minute, stir until creamy. Return to microwave and cook at 50% power for additional 1 minute; stir until creamy. If marshmallows aren’t completely incorporated, continue and stir in 20 second blasts.
4. Add dry cereal mixture to caramel mixture and stir with spatula until everything well coated.
5. Line 8” x 8” baking pan with wax paper or spray with oil.
6. Press mixture down firmly into pan and then cut into 9 squares.

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