Bacon lovers rejoice! Litehouse® Foods, the nation’s premier salad dressing, dip, herb and cheese company, is expanding its popular salad dressing line with not one, not two, but a whopping three new flavors of bacon-inspired goodness. New Avocado Ranch with Bacon, Bacon Vinaigrette and Bacon Blue Cheese will hit store shelves starting early November offering a bonanza of bacon-flavor in three refrigerated salad dressings.

“There’s just something about bacon that really gets people excited, and the team at Litehouse is no exception,” said Camille Balfanz, Brand Manager, Litehouse Foods. “We are beyond thrilled to pair bacon with some of our most popular offerings in the dressing line up. Whether you’re already a fan of our award-winning blue cheese dressing, or you’re a huge avocado lover, or maybe just want all the flavor of bacon but in a lighter dressing – there’s something for everyone with these three new dressings.”

Consumers’ love of bacon shows no signs of slowing down. CNBC recently reported that “the bacon craze is still sizzling…Long-distance runners and cyclists are now calling bacon ‘the new fuel food.’”*

The three new dressings are all gluten-free, have no high fructose corn syrup, and are as unique as they are versatile:

  • Avocado Ranch with Bacon: Bursting with real bacon, Avocado Ranch with Bacon can be used to dress a salad, spread on a BLT sandwich, or as the perfect dip for vegetables and chips. Employee owner and Food Scientist, Katie Clayton, a true bacon lover herself, designed the dressing to be the perfect combination of ranch dressing with the delicate taste of avocado and the mouthwatering flavor of sizzling bacon.
  • Bacon Vinaigrette: Crafted for bacon aficionados looking for all of the flavor of bacon in a dressing but without all the calories. With just 35 calories and zero grams of fat per serving, Bacon Vinaigrette offers a sweet and tart taste coupled with notes of real bacon and onions. Served hot or cold, this dressing is spectacular served heated over spinach, grilled on pizza flat bread, warmed with a German potato salad or served traditionally – chilled on a bed of greens.
  • Bacon Blue Cheese: This dressing combines real bacon with Litehouse’s award-winning blue cheese recipe. Sure to be a hit with loyal blue cheese lovers, Bacon Blue Cheese is perfect as a dip for wings, a spread on burgers, or as a dressing on a wedge salad. 

The three new Litehouse dressings are available at retail locations nationwide starting early November with a suggested retail price of $3.99-$4.49 for each of the line.

About Litehouse Foods, Inc.                                                                                                                                             
Litehouse, Inc. started in the Hope, Idaho restaurant of the Hawkins family over 50 years ago. Since that time, it has become the leader in refrigerated salad dressings, fruit and veggie dips, sauces, instantly fresh herbs, blue cheese, and fresh pressed apple cider, manufacturing these delicious products at its three U.S. facilities based in Michigan, Utah and Idaho. Litehouse is proud to be 100% employee-owned and each one of the employee owners is proud to carry on the high standards of quality and innovation, living up to the slogan… Families Making Food for Families.   

*CNBC June 2015