• Corn Jalapeño Ranch Salad with Avocado Recipe

    This easy corn jalapeño ranch salad with avocado and cilantro is made with just 5 ingredients and only takes 20 minutes to throw together. It’s perfect as a summer appetizer served with tortilla chips, a side dish for your summer bbq, or even as a salsa on fish tacos!

    I can’t get over how easy this recipe is, mostly thanks to Litehouse® Jalapeño Ranch, the perfect one-ingredient dressing! The flavors and creaminess of the ranch perfectly complement fresh, in-season corn, fresh jalapeños, herby cilantro and creamy avocado. Nothing complicated – just delicious ingredients!

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  • Grilled Halloumi Salad Recipe

    You say salad and some people say boring.You say Halloumi and most people say what? You tell someone you are going to make them a salad with grilled cheese and they probably won’t believe you. Yet, that is exactly what you can do when you use Halloumi.

    What is Halloumi Cheese?

    For those of you that have never heard of Halloumi before, it is a sheep milk cheese that originated in Cyprus and is very popular with chefs that like to grill, because it can hold its shape under heat due to its high melting point.

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  • Marinated New York Steak Dinner Recipe

    Sometimes you just need a steak. There I said it. I love steak but I do not love steak sauce. I feel like a steak should be able to standalone on its own flavor. But still, if we are being honest, if you eat enough meat and potatoes, they too can get boring without something added.

    So, for those of you bored with meat and potatoes let me give you a different take on the traditional that will be familiar but not boring while still skipping the steak sauce.

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