• Frozen Cheese Pizza Makeover

    With three teen boys, ordering pizza for dinner has saved countless busy nights. However, I prefer making my own pizza to guarantee loads of healthy toppings and expose my kids to more veggies in the process. However, the time required to make and roll out dough (or even toss out a pre-made pizza crust) and chop up ingredients is a luxury reserved for the weekend. So, I’ve become “that woman” frantically running down the frozen foods aisle with a couple frozen cheese pizzas under her arm a half-hour before dinner.

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  • Build a Better BLT: Avocado Ranch BLT

    There are a handful of summertime meals that bring me back to my childhood including cheeseburgers straight from the grill, fresh corn on the cob and BLT sandwiches with ripe tomatoes and crispy bacon. These are still some of my favorite summer meals even today but of course, I’m always looking for ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary! My latest creation: Avocado Ranch BLTs!

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  • Southwest Whipped Feta

    Just when I think I’ve eaten feta cheese every way imaginable (and believe me, this is anything but a complaint), I find another way to enjoy one of my favorite cheeses – whipped! What a genius idea to blend up feta cheese into a spreadable, dippable delight equally suited for vegetable crudities or crusty bread plus potentially dozens other uses.  My recipe for Southwest Whipped Feta whips up in minutes and is sure to please, however you please!

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