• A Fork Full of Apple Cider! Fall Festival Quinoa Salad

    It’s time to fall into autumn and enjoy all the delicious flavors of the season. Apple cider is one of those traditional tastes that stirs up my memories of hayrides, harvest celebrations, and snuggling around the hearth with good cheer and laughter.

    There are so many ways to enjoy apple cider, other than simply serving it up as a beverage. It’s one of my favorite fall-season ingredients for everything from marinades and soups to baked goods and side dishes. Today, I’m sharing a scrumptious quinoa salad recipe aptly named Fall Festival Quinoa Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. 

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  • 15 Delicious Lunches That Aren’t Sandwiches: Chicken Caesar Lettuce Wraps Recipe

    Lunches for work or school can become mundane for even the pickiest of eaters. I am guilty of making ham sandwiches day after day for my kids’ lunches. I know, I know, sandwiches are easy to throw together in the morning and most households have the ingredients on hand, but sometimes a little variety is needed (and not to mention a little variety of nutrients)!

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