• Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

    Your at-home Super Bowl party might look a bit different this year, but there’s no reason not to enjoy your favorite game day snacks!

    For those of you (like me) who are really just there for the food, this buffalo cauliflower pizza with ranch is a serious winner. It’s the perfect combination of spicy, cheesy and cooling (thanks to the ranch drizzle). Plus, it’s vegetarian and pretty easy to make!

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  • White Chicken Chili Recipe

    Quick and easy is not always in the cards when it comes to making some dishes and there is just no way to make good chili happen quickly. If we are going to invest the time into making great chili, why don’t we make it exciting too?

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  • Sesame Miso Veggie Quinoa Bowl Recipe

    I like salad, my family likes salad, even the guests I serve at the hotel seem to like salad. Nevertheless, salad is boring or can feel that way sometimes. I try to change the base as often as possible, butter lettuce, spring lettuce mix, spinach, basically I have tried it all and sometimes it’s great, but recently I have been making salads that change the base completely.

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