• Broccoli Salad with Organic Ranch Dressing Recipe

    I have nothing against dairy but it sure can turn on me lately.  One of those mystery sensitivities that comes with age, so I’ve heard.  I was delighted to see Litehouse Organic Ranch is now dairy free!  I told my doctor I can’t commit to giving up entirely on such things as ice cream, dressings or my precious cheese but when I need to cut back it’s nice to know I have products like dairy free ranch to lean on!

    Organic Ranch Broccoli Salad ingredients and preparation

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  • Spicy Jalapeno Refried Beans Skillet Recipe

    We love to eat Mexican food in my home. I'm always trying to rotate out our main protein; one-week baja chicken tacos, the next week steak and shrimp fajitas, the following enchiladas. Something that doesn't normally change though, is our side dish. It's always rice and beans. I do try to alternate from pinto beans, to these Spicy Jalapeno Skillet Refried Beans, and even black beans.

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  • Blue Cheese Cauliflower Pizza ready to serve!

    With the popularity of low-carb diets these days, the cauliflower pizza crust has risen to unexpected fame. Who would have ever guessed this humble, and honestly sort of bland, cruciferous vegetable would become the must-have foundation for an array of healthy pizza topping?! We’re riding that food trend and magnifying the flavor exponentially with the addition of aged blue cheese baked right there in the crust. That’s right, blue cheese in the crust!

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