• Blue Cheese, Cherry and Pistachio Crescent Pinwheel Bites Recipe

    ‘Tis the season for celebrating with family, friends and festive food! Get every party off to a tasteful start with our Blue Cheese, Cherry & Pistachio Crescent Bites, the perfect-sized bite of holiday bliss. Served warm from the oven and drizzled with honey, these easy appetizers are a sweet-savory sensation that will have guests clearing the serving platter in a wink.

    Blue Cheese Crescent Dough Pinwheels

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  • One Pan Balsamic Chicken Recipe

    This One Pan Balsamic Chicken has got to be the easiest meal I’ve made in quite some time. One pan, 5 ingredients and no sink full of dishes to deal with. As a major bonus, dinner can be on the table in less than 20 minutes! It’s the perfect lunch or dinner when you find yourself in a time crunch. Which seems to be more and more these days. Sometimes a rushed dinner can mean skipping on the healthy parts but not in this case. I feel good serving three different vegetables in one meal. 

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  • Easy Ginger Martini Recipe

    Is it just me or does the martini have a totally cool vibe no matter what the flavor. James Bond drinks them. Women toss them in the face of their enemies before storming away in movies.

    I don’t typically shake up a martini at home on a regular night but if I’m hosting guests, they certainly make for a great conversation starter. These Easy Ginger Martinis look beautiful and are perfect for crisp fall nights. 

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