• Shrimp Ranch Dip and Tips for Healthy Eating

    Finding healthy eating tips is vital to staying in shape during the summer.  With all of the great barbecues and picnics, it's very easy to pack on a few pounds and lose site of your health and fitness goals. Now that swimsuit and shorts weather finally here in Vermont, I have made myself a vow to pay more attention to healthy eating.Healthy eating doesn't have to mean giving up all of your favorite treats this summer.

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  • Healthy Summer Snacking

    I know many people, myself included, who work to get a beach body leading up to summer and then throw it all away by pigging out on picnic foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love good picnic food. But when you’re trying to maintain a healthy physique you’ll definitely want to watch the types of foods you’re consuming all summer long. Snack light and you will keep those flat abs and toned arms. So what are some good snacks to munch on this summer? And what can you pack when you’re hitting the beach to avoid those tempting concession stands?   Let’s talk about a few options.

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