• Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

    Just like peas and carrots, it seems like buffalo wings and football season go hand-in-hand. I know that my husband is a huge fan of buffalo wings and I like the flavor too, but hate the idea of the mess on my fingers and the constant feeling that I might smile at someone and have chicken stuck in my teeth. While my husband might not care about the sticky fingers, I do, which is why I turned buffalo wings into Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip.

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  • Marinated Feta Cheese Appetizer Recipe

    The holiday season is here and typically around this time hosting and attending weekly parties becomes part of my schedule. I love to host but that typically can be a lot of work so it’s always nice to be invited over by a friend for a nice cocktail or gathering of friends. I always like to bring something to share and my new go-to for this holiday season is going to be this Marinated Feta Holiday Platter.

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