• 8 Christmas Party Appetizers for even the pickiest of Guests

    If you’re like me then you know how hectic the holiday season can be and you find yourself hosting and running from one party to the next with hardly enough time to think about what to make. In my opinion the only thing that you should be worried about is enjoying the holiday season with your friends and family. Some of my favorite holiday ingredients include cranberries and cheeses which was the inspiration for these delicious Cranberry Feta Pinwheels that are festive, quick to prepare and delicious.

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  • Gorgonzola Fig Dip Recipe

    In my book, when it comes to hosting parties during the holidays or any time of year, the more you can get done ahead of time, the better. And appetizers are one of the best ways to get ahead on cooking. They can often be served cold or at room temp. Plus, if you plan things well, you might not even need serving or eating utensils for your party apps.

    Dips are especially great dish to serve to party guests. They’re often easy to make, and they store well. Plus, with a spread of different crackers, chips and crudités, your guests can pick and choose how to enjoy your dip.

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