• Stylish Salvage with Litehouse Salad Dressing Jars for America Recycles Day

    I hate being wasteful and insist on running a tight ship at home.  My family knows better than to crank down the air conditioner or allow the garden hose to run willy-nilly. Planning the week’s menu is also a waste-reducer; I’m mindful of using up all the fresh food in the refrigerator bins before spoilage sets in. A couple times a week, I haul out all the leftovers and reserve them in a creative way – or simply sell the mess to my hungry kids as a “smorgasbord sampler plate.”

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  • Fall Fruit and Fennel Salad

    Here in the Eastern United States deciduous trees arrest our attention during this time of year, compelling us to travel along red-maple-lined parkways, into yellow-birch-dotted forests, and onto rusty-red-oak-covered mountains to take in the intense fall color. Similarly, mounds of scarlet, ruby pink, golden and blonde apples and pears, at indoor and outdoor food markets, help set the mood of the season.  What finer way to honor the season than with a sweet, crisp seasonal fruit salad?

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  • A Lot on My Plate – Busy Day Taco Pasta Bake

    When my three boys were little, I used to jokingly say I worked from “son” up to “son” down. These early birds would greet the still-dark morning with the kind of energy it took me a couple espresso shots to ease into.  At night, I would be asleep before my head hit the pillow – that is, if I wasn’t already dozing in the nursery rocking chair. Today, these guys sleep much longer, as most teenagers who stay up late playing video games do. But, somehow I feel busier than ever with all this (ahem) free time.

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