• 4 Ingredient Baklava Cookies

    I absolutely love Baklava but I never get to eat it because, well it’s just too darn difficult and time consuming to make! I love baking but working with layer after layer of Filo dough just isn’t my calling. Traditional Greek Baklava is made with many thin sheets of the paper thin pastry dough layered with butter, a nut mixture, and honey. It is sweet, flakey, and very nutty… Kind of like me. When I attempt to make the delicious dessert the thin sheets of dough always get dried out and start breaking on me and I end up frustrated and stuck with a finished product I’m not happy with.

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  • Strawberry Avocado Toast

    If there is one thing that I’m picky about it is the texture of food. There are days that I hate bananas, there’s just something about quinoa and don’t get me near tofu. I used to be the same way about avocados. I absolutely loved guacamole (who doesn’t?!) but sliced or diced avocados totally grossed me out. Over time my love for avocados has developed and I’m so glad!

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