• Strawberry Avocado Toast

    If there is one thing that I’m picky about it is the texture of food. There are days that I hate bananas, there’s just something about quinoa and don’t get me near tofu. I used to be the same way about avocados. I absolutely loved guacamole (who doesn’t?!) but sliced or diced avocados totally grossed me out. Over time my love for avocados has developed and I’m so glad!

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  • Ultimate Cheese Pairing Platter

    While many of you may have been snacking on a box of chocolate this past weekend, I was at home with what I like to call a ‘deluxe’ cheese tray and couldn’t have been happier. While I enjoy the traditional cheddar, summer sausage and cracker sandwich, I also like to take things up a notch with more unique flavors including blue and Gorgonzola cheeses. Yes, the ‘stinky’ cheeses are some of my favorite cheeses.

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