Welcome to Living Litehouse, the Official Litehouse Foods Blog

Welcome to the Living Litehouse Blog, a place for people interested in yummy food and a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to bring you new ideas, delicious recipes and inspiring ways to fit them into your busy lifestyle. We want your fresh perspectives, questions and helpful comments so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

Litehouse Foods originated in the 1950s as The Litehouse Restaurant in the small town of Hope, Idaho, a place people could gather for delectable meals and take home their jars filled with the luscious blue cheese dressing that made the restaurant famous. We envision the Living Litehouse blog as an extension of those early days. Come, gather around, share and enjoy our recipes and take scrumptious ideas and recipes home with you! We hope you will incorporate Litehouse into your family’s meal rotation and gatherings as many families have been doing for generations. So grab a chair and a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for some delightful browsing and sharing. While you’re here review our recipes, meet our bloggers and learn about our delicious offerings. You can shop online and find local grocers that carry our products. Download a coupon and use it to try a tasty item you haven’t tried before! Come back often to learn what’s new and be sure to share your thoughts and ideas with us! Welcome to the Living Litehouse family – we’re so glad you’ve found us!

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