• Grilled Spicy Rum Wings

    I’m from the state of Wisconsin so you can imagine how disappointed everyone around me was when our team lost in the playoffs and didn’t make it to the big game coming up this weekend. The key words there are ‘everyone around me’ because honestly, the only thing that I care about is the food that will be served! The temperatures around Wisconsin have been mild in the last couple of weeks, which I don’t mind. It allowed me to roll out my grill, which actually wasn’t covered in snow, and cook up some delicious Grilled Spicy Rum Wings in preparation for the big game!

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  • Citrus Herb Chicken

    With a new year in place I’m sure that many of you set resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. I am one of those people too. It can often be difficult as a food blogger to stay on a healthy track. I love food, there is no doubt about that but choosing the right foods most of the time and eating in moderation the rest of the time is something that I have challenged myself with in 2017. I’ve been roasting more than pan frying and incorporating more vegetables and fruits into my daily life.

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  • Lemon Pepper Wings

    This past movie night we opted out of popcorn and made appetizers instead!  Front and center were Lemon Pepper Wings with Litehouse Homestyle Ranch as our dip of choice.  Grabbing the whole family for a movie and dinner in the living room has become a weekly event now.  Our weather has been less than desirable so after a busy, activity filled week we all enjoy slipping into our comfiest pj's while relaxing with some good food!  

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