• Basil-Lime Fruit Kabobs Are Perfect For A Summer Party

    With the popularity of Pinterest, the love of entertaining is on the rise. Mini desserts, food on sticks and d.i.y decorations are regularly gracing summer cookouts, kid’s birthdays and dinner parties. I love to entertain. I planned a spring-themed candy and dessert table for my sister’s high school graduation party several years ago and a construction party for my son’s fourth birthday, mostly with ideas from Pinterest. (Ok, I’ll admit it; I’m a bit addicted!) The parties all turned out wonderful and guests loved the themes and ideas, but they were time-consuming and expensive to plan.

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  • Citrus Roasted Rainbow Trout Recipe

    Simple, whole foods--without prominent packaging or tedious ingredient lists--are the mainstays of a healthy diet. Mail-order meals and dieting plans are honorable options, if that works for you, but remember there is always the opportunity to explore healthy eating with fresh foods and a few flavorful and natural condiments. Litehouse Foods Dressings and Instantly Fresh Herbs compliment my family’s healthy lifestyle and are becoming my go-to seasonings for fresh, natural ingredients.

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  • Now that’s Umami! Grilled Fig, Prosciutto & Blue Cheese Pizzas

    I’ve been eating all my life and, I hate to brag, I’m quite skilled. Until recently, I thought I knew pretty much everything there is to know about the way things taste. Salty, sweet, bitter and sour; each respective segment of my tongue has always expertly identified the taste for which it is responsible.  But, as I became more adventurous with eating and cooking creatively, the more I noticed there was a hard-to-describe taste that made all my taste buds swoon with delight.

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