• A Sensory Journey with Tangy Orange Citrus Salmon

    When is the last time that you took the time to taste your food? I mean really taste your food by using all of your senses?  It is my firm belief that to get the full effect from food you must eat with all 5 senses. Nowadays too many people eat in a rush or on the go and don’t take the time to relish what they are consuming. Too often we miss a good majority of what a dish has to offer because we are only eating with our sense of taste.

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  • Influencing Healthy Futures through Exercise and Quality Foods - Fruit and Herb Popsicles

    The outdoor activities that we’ve been enjoying with our children this summer, the walking, biking, and impromptu softball games, might end with the first-day-of-school bell.  This is the week, Exercise with Your Child Week (August 4-10), that we can bolster a pledge to work out with our kids. Beyond fun, regular family exercise, along with healthy eating, is an endowment for a child’s future health.

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