• Labor Day Pasta Salad Creations

    For many, Labor Day means an extra day off of work. For me, Labor Day signifies the closing of summer. It also presents a great opportunity to fire up the grill before the weather starts to change and enjoy a picnic with my family and friends. My family celebrates three birthdays around Labor Day so we always make it a point to use our day off to celebrate the holiday and birthdays with a picnic. Everyone brings a dish to pass and while we all spoon heaps of food onto our plates we celebrate the lives of three very special people.

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  • Give Salt the Shake-Off with Instantly Fresh Herbs

    Let me be the first and quite possibly the only person to wish you a merry “More Herbs, Less Salt Day.” This admittedly obscure holiday, celebrated by a sprinkling of sodium-shirkers around the country every August 29th, deserves much more fanfare from foodies and families everywhere. Why? Because overdoing it on salt can have negative consequences; too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure which, in turn, can raise the chances of heart disease or a stroke later in life. But, don’t halt all the salt, just most of it.

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