• 10th Annual Celebrate Life Fun Run / Walk

    Every year since its inception, Litehouse Foods has sponsored a company team for the annual Celebrate Life Fun Run / Walk held in Sandpoint. The event is a benefit for Celebrate Life, a local nonprofit that raises money to support the needs of cancer patients in the area. Monies raised through the event are distributed through local medical care facilities such as Bonner General Hospital, Hospice, Home Health and Kootenai Cancer Center.

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  • Bite-Sized BLT Ranch Bread Bowls

    Bite-sized versions of foods are popular for entertaining because they are easy to eat, but they are also very kid-friendly. There is something about a mini version of our favorite foods that make it more appealing, especially for children.

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  • Italian-Style Quinoa Loaf

    In the early eighties when I moved to Washington D.C., my favorite health-food store was a tiny co-op crowded with hefty plastic bins filled with exotic-looking beans and grains that this Alabamian had never before seen or imagined. Quinoa was one of the “grains” in those bins. Thirty years later, the co-op store expanded just a bit, but quinoa’s popularity has grown steadily and this pseudo-grain (actually a seed) now appears in mainstream supermarkets and on many restaurant menus.

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