• Parks and Recreation Month: Celebrate with Grilled Raspberry-Chocolate Banana Boats

    Americans have plenty to celebrate in July and so much of this summer season memory-making takes place in the parks and community areas this great nation offers.  Whether you’re watching fireworks and humming the national anthem or winning the three-legged race with a cousin at your family reunion, the chances are a park, playground, campsite or some other recreational area is hosting all the happiness. I imagine that’s one of the reasons why July, since 1985, has been officially designated as National Park and Recreation Month.

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  • Double Sesame Seed Coleslaw with Litehouse Dressings and Instantly Fresh Herbs

    Traditional coleslaw, dressed with mayonnaise, is a fundamental side dish on summer grilling and picnic menus. We know to find coleslaw on the serving table among its summer-side partners, such as baked beans and corn on the cob. Coleslaw is the workhorse summer salad. Yet, is traditional coleslaw ever really memorable? Can coleslaw be captivating?

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  • Get Your Grill On! (But Marinate First)

    Summer is finally upon us and if you're like me you tend to associate certain things with the season. The smell of suntan lotion, local food festivals and of course, grilling. There’s nothing that I don’t enjoy more than a summer BBQ on a patio and the smell of charcoal warming.  And while you may not be a grill expert, it isn't difficult to make juicy and flavorful meals with just a few ingredients. July is National Grilling Month and so we are going to ring in this celebration with the most important aspect of grilling: marinatingAnchor.

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