Shrimp Ranch Dip and Tips for Healthy Eating

Finding healthy eating tips is vital to staying in shape during the summer.  With all of the great barbecues and picnics, it's very easy to pack on a few pounds and lose site of your health and fitness goals. Now that swimsuit and shorts weather finally here in Vermont, I have made myself a vow to pay more attention to healthy eating.Healthy eating doesn't have to mean giving up all of your favorite treats this summer.  You can still enjoy all sorts of great tasting foods when you are entertaining.  Summer cookouts at the beach and romantic picnics in the park can still be things that you look forward to. There are a few basic healthy eating tips that I really try to follow to stay in shape.  They aren't difficult to do and they still let you enjoy all of the delicious foods that you love.


healthy-eating-tipsHealthy Eating Tips

  1. Remember moderation.  You can eat all of your favorite foods. You just cannot eat a lot of them.
  2. Stop eating when you're full.  Pay attention to your body and stop eating when you are no longer hungry.
  3. Watch what you eat.  When making your plate, make sure that most of the plate contains fruits and vegetables and smaller portions of other foods.
  4. Lean protein.  Choose lean protein over protein with a higher fat content when making your plate.  Chicken breast is usually a great choice.
  5. Watch sugar and salt.  Watch how much sugar and salt you add to your food when preparing your food.
  6. Choose veggies for dip instead of chips or crackers.

Litehouse Ranch Homestyle Veggie Dip is a yummy combination of sour cream, buttermilk, garlic and onion.  Since I am trying to make healthy eating a priority, instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips to enjoy with this dip, I grab a bag of carrot sticks instead.  This Shrimp Ranch Dip recipe is another great way to enjoy Litehouse Ranch Homestyle Veggie Dip. Shrimp Ranch Dip

Drain the can of shrimp and mix everything well with the Litehouse Ranch Homestyle Veggie Dip.  Enjoy this with a bag of baby carrot sticks or celery sticks instead of with chips. What is your favorite vegetable to dip?

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