• Caramel Coconut Black Bean Brownies

    It’s that time of year once again. My days of sleeping in and planning the days events on a whim are over. The new school year has begun. Every morning my alarm clock goes off at the crack of dawn and I am forced to wake peacefully sleeping children in order to feed, dress, and push them out to the bus stop… all before 7am. In the afternoon a big yellow bus will deliver almost unrecognizable children to my door. They look a hot mess. Hair is frazzled, frowns and beads of sweat grace what were once angelic faces. My light-hearted giggly children are now whining, moping, irritable minions.

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  • Healthy Afternoon Snacks for Kids: Mini Veggie and Dip Cups

    Even when the school day is over, most kids still have plenty of tasks to tackle including homework, sports practice, music lessons and more. To keep your youngsters fueled up until supper, stocking quick and healthy snacks in the refrigerator and pantry is a priority for mental and physical performance. While processed chips, crackers and sugary sweets might seem convenient to busy parents and certainly appeal to the kids to whom they are so heavily marketed, there’s not much nutritionally in these products to help prevent end-of-day brain and body drain.

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