Refreshing Garden Ranch Dip

Another game day is on its way and I’m looking for new dip recipes. I love dip. I love it so much I’ve been known to serve up a few different dips for dinner! Unfortunately most dips are made of fattening meats, cream cheese or mayonnaise, bacon, tons of cheese, and plenty of salty seasoning mixes. I think I’ve gained a few pounds in these first few weeks of football season. It can be quite difficult to find a light and refreshing dip recipe.

When I was a younger, much skinnier thing I made a delicious cream cheese and ranch dip that was topped with a mix of fresh bell peppers. It was refreshing but not so light. Despite the healthy twist of adding fresh peppers to the recipe, I made the dip with full fattening force! Regular cream cheese and salty ranch dressing mixes were my turn to ingredients. Four kids later and my priorities have changed, just a bit. Not only do I wish to stay away from the extra salt in those dressing mixes, I also want to stay away from all of the chemicals used in them. Have you ever taken a peek at the ingredient list on those mixes? It is mind boggling! My use of full fat dairy anything is pretty much out the door at this point in my life, for obvious reasons. I’ve got enough jiggle when I wiggle thank you very much, make mine fat free! My biggest problem? How do I keep that full flavor while cutting out the unhealthy ingredients? It is certainly time for a recipe makeover!
Refreshing Garden Ranch Dip Litehouse Ingredients
Litehouse Yogurt Ranch Dressing and Instantly Fresh Herbs are the perfect ingredients for this dip makeover. The yogurt dressing replaces the ranch dressing mix - is full of great probiotics that I can feel good about feeding to my family - and has the great “ranchy” flavor I was looking for. With the same number of calories per serving as a typical fat free dressing I can keep the, ahem, jiggles to a minimum without having to stop myself after only five bites. If I completely lose all self-control and pig out I don’t have to feel too guilty about it.

Garden Ranch Dip Layers 

I decided to add some extra zip to the dip with the Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herb products because, well, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I sure am glad I did! The taste of fresh herbs with the creamy ranch and the fresh peppers turns a typical game day dip into a more healthful dish adults can appreciate. It is just one extra step in guaranteeing you won’t miss the fat and salt. Try out my new and improved Refreshing Garden Ranch Dip recipe at your next game day gathering and prove to your friends and family that with the help of Litehouse, fat doesn’t have to equal flavor. It’s something we can all feel good about! You can have your dip and eat it too. Everyone can use a little more dip in their life!

Refreshing Garden Ranch Dip

Serves 8 | Finish in 10 minutes

Dodging fat and calories but looking for a party dip that doesn't lose all the flavor? Look no more.


1 8oz. block fat free cream cheese
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper
1 finely chopped red bell pepper
1 finely chopped yellow bell pepper
1 finely chopped orange bell pepper
Tortilla chips or butter crackers for serving
1 cup Litehouse® Yogurt Ranch
2 Tbsp. Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Red Onion
1 Tbsp. Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Dill


Use an electric mixer to combine the cream cheese, Litehouse® Yogurt Ranch, Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Red Onion, dill, salt, and pepper. Spread the cream cheese mixture along the bottom of your dip dish, I used a pie plate! Sprinkle the bell peppers over the top of the cream cheese layer. Garnish the dip with a bit more dill.

Serve cold with chips or crackers for dipping.

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