• Oven Baked Ranch Scrambled Eggs

    The internet is full of tips and tricks to help you achieve fluffier scrambled eggs. Some say no milk, some say add sour cream, some even say to add baking powder to your eggs! Today, I’m going to tell you the real secret to the best eggs you’ll ever make. This scramble is pretty fluffy, but the magic comes from a secret ingredient.

    The secret ingredient for the best scrambled eggs is…. ranch!

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  • Kale Pesto Potato Fries Two Ways with Blue Cheese Sauce

    When it comes to potatoes, I’d much prefer feast to famine – I’ve got three hungry teenage boys to feed at my house! As a side dish, frugally-priced potatoes fill my guys up and spare my pocketbook in the process – plus tubers are packed with wholesome nutrients including complex carbohydrates for quality energy and vitamins and minerals, especially iron, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and vitamin C.

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  • Coconut Curry Roasted Chicken

    Trying something new is often time consuming and confusing.  Take curry for instance.  I didn't grow up in a house that ever had curry dishes so for me this is certainly the case.  Do I need curry powder and turmeric?  There is different colors of curry?  What am I going to do with all the new spices once I make this recipe?  Luckily, Litehouse has calmed my nerves and brought us all a new Greek yogurt Curry dressing.  It's mildly spiced with turmeric, cinnamon, coriander and cumin.  I'm so relieved to have this new product in my fridge!  You'll no longer find me down the spice isle looking

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