• Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Flatbreads

    With five kids sometimes it seems like a burden to have friends over for dinner. I stress about cleaning, what we will eat, and what the kids will do to be entertained. It doesn’t have to be that way! Take the stress out of entertaining so you can strengthen relationships and build new ones. There’s no better place to come together then around the dinner table! Don’t worry about everything being spotless. Throw away that fancy meal plan and serve easy dishes!

    5 Go-To Dinner Party Recipes

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  • Raspberry Peach Yogurt Parfait Recipe

    Brunch is quite possibly one of my favorite meals of the weekend. Going out for breakfast is just o-k but if you invite me to brunch, I’m game. I also really enjoy hosting brunch in my home for my friends and family. It’s such a great way to pair favorite breakfast foods with a lunch twist in a comfortable setting.

    Here are some of my menu tips if you’re planning to host your own brunch in your home:

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  • Edmame Greek Salad

    Boy do I need this salad!  I ran away for the weekend to attend a food photography workshop and spent what seems to be, the whole weekend eating!  You know those good intentions of bringing the gym gear, eating salads and walking to and from to get extra fresh air?  Those plans turned out to be taking a taxi because of the rain and overall laziness, ordering room service cheesecake and skipping the gym in favor of a king sized bed with tv directly in front.  What a weekend though!  I was surrounded by a group of food forward people.  “My people” as I like to refer to them as.  It’s always a

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