• Roasted Beet and Pear Salad

    Every time this year I start to play my favorite game.  "How much weight can I lose in four weeks?"  Our summer holidays are just around the corner and they've certainly snuck up on me!  Time to smarten up and put the cookies down!  I'm sure you've all seen those funny food meme's around the web.  I want buns of steel but also want buns of cinnamon - things like that make me laugh because they're totally true!  I'm torn somewhere in between that as well.  I'd love to lose a few pounds but at the end of the day I'd also like to just put my pj's on, grab some chips and call it a night!

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  • Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs and Tropical Coleslaw Recipe

    The other day my neighbor made mention of how cute it was that my husband and I are typically both standing in front of our grill during the week making our dinner. Together. My husband replied that he needed to be there so that he could oversee if I was using the grill properly. He was joking, of course, but I made sure to interject that just because I was a woman did not mean that I was not a master of our grill. And then huge flames erupted from our grill as I lifted my arms and declared myself the Ultimate Grill Master.

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